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VocTeach Go has Launched!

VocTeach Go is our rapid response to a call from FE teachers asking for help in the move to online learning and assessment. The original shift to online at the start of the pandemic happened fast, and now comes an opportunity for the community to share the resources that worked best for them –...

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VocTeach FE Symposium Replay

On the 17th December 2020 The Open University’s VocTeach Project hosted the #VocTeach20 Symposium, and here’s a chance to watch the replay. The event itself was online and worked as a hub bringing together individuals within the FE (Further Education) sector with over 100 attendees. The...

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The VocTeach FE Symposium

The first VocTeach Symposium (#VocTeach20) takes place this week. With the support of Ufi VocTech Trust, the event brings together FE educational experts and practitioners, EdTech experts, awarding organisations and other stakeholders, aiming to kickstart a broad community to support the...

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What ‘EdTech’ needs to drive change in the system…

This week’s guest blogger is Bob Harrison who provides us with a taster for his Keynote Talk at the #VocTeach20 FE Symposium on 17th December. Bob, who is a Visiting Professor at Wolverhampton University, draws on his broad experience as an educator, researcher and advisor to identify the...

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AmplifyFE Podcast

This guest blog post is by Dr Maren Deepwell, Chief Executive of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT). In this post, Maren shares insights from the recent Week of VocTech, organised by Ufi – the VocTech Trust, and a special episode of the VocTech Podcast focused on the Future of FE....

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#AmplifyFE Audit Map

The #amplifyFE Audit

Our first Guest Blog is by Emma Procter-Legg from the Association for Learning Technology (ALT). She highlights the #amplifyFE Audit project which is closely aligned with VocTeach. We both aim to support vocational teaching staff to gain, develop and share the digital, and digital pedagogical...

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Introducing VocTeach

All educators know that there is never enough time in the world to plan lessons, deliver them, and assess learning. Sometimes we are able to shortcut by reusing material from previous lessons, but more often than not we need to either redevelop lessons or we need to tweak them with new ideas and...

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