Download: VocTeach Pilot Evaluation Report

VocTeach Evaluation Report - Front Cover We are pleased to see the alignment in feedback from the four different evaluation approaches we used. We’re delighted that the evaluators felt we created a pilot platform that met our aims and could fulfil their needs.

The VocTeach Pilot project set out to demonstrate an online platform where vocational educators can find and share resources for their blended teaching. The intention is that teachers can locate curriculum-relevant content and software tools, and use ratings and reviews to help them find the resources which will be most useful to them and to their students.

Being able to draw on resources at a national level is seen as a strength, as it aligns with the breadth of search teachers conduct when looking for resources. The resources are structured by curriculum subject and level, accompanied by reviews, ratings, and recommendations. This is also a strength, as it allows teachers to quickly and confidently narrow their search for resources. This can inspire teachers in their search for help, for they often look to tailor what they discover rather than use resources unmodified.

In particular, the hands-on user evaluation emphasised two recommendations for a follow-on project. Firstly, to optimise the user experience, with some specific suggestions noted (e.g. clearer profile setup and easy modification to match a teacher’s needs). Secondly, to include a greater range of resources; this is to be expected, given the limited time available to populate the pilot platform, but does emphasise the need to work as a large-scale aggregator in a follow-on project.

The project successfully demonstrated the concept of a national aggregator and discovery platform for Further Education, and that the VocTeach pilot can successfully be the basis for this platform.

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