VocTeach Go has Launched!

VocTeach Now - Tips, Tools, Tomorrow

VocTeach Go is our rapid response to a call from FE teachers asking for help in the move to online learning and assessment.

The original shift to online at the start of the pandemic happened fast, and now comes an opportunity for the community to share the resources that worked best for them – and might work best for others!

This VocTeach Go page provides tools & tips to help FE educators enhance remote teaching & training.
Use #VocTeachGo on Twitter to share the tools & tips that have worked well for you and they could be added to the VocTeach Go resource hub.

Coming soon – a Ufi-funded VocTeach platform that will provide FE & vocational educators with an online library of high-quality educational content. The functional skills focused pilot is launching soon, find out more about it here.

Other News: